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Bio-energy check up: Diagnosis of the energy status of organs and systems (eg: immune, digestive, hormonal and so on) by the method of kinaisthetics and bio-resonance.

Flower essences and life coaching. With the help of Dr. Bach’s essences and orchid essences, we find  the underlying causes that caused any psychosomatic imbalance in the individual, and provide the appropriate combination of remedies so to eliminate problems such as anxiety, melancholy, phobias, sadness, etc. .

Positive thinking  life coaching. By applying positive thoughts and intentions we change the scenario of our lives and face difficulties in a new more positive way.

Body detoxification programs for better health based on the principles of naturopathy

Waist and Neck Holistic Massage Programs : Orthosomia healing exercises to correct posture, Magnetic Fields and Biotherapy (Reiki) for Pain , Inflammation – Reflexology

Holistic  Program for stress and depression: with Essential Oils Aromatherapy (Massage, Baths, etc.) – flower essences in drops and sprays – Relaxation and Yoga Techniques –  Positive Thinking Life coaching .

Energy Empowerment Program. Empower aura and the physical body with energy healing, color therapy, nutritional supplements, physical / mental exercises.

As well I create  private individual programs depending on the health issues.


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