Maria Leoni Georgopoulou

natural therapies – life coaching



Self-awareness seminars:

*   “I trust my inner voice”  – Holistic dowsing

* “I create the script of my life”

* Energy therapy for inner child, adolescent, female and male.

* “Facing My Fears”

* “I learn to love and care for others just like myself”


Self healing seminars:

* Balancing chakras and color therapy.

* Massage and basic principles of aromatherapy for home practice.

* Orthosomia  exercises  for better posture and back –neck  problems


Educational seminars on holistic therapies:

* Aromatherapy massage
* Holistic Swedish massage
* Holistic Nutrition
* Aromatherapy
* Orchid flower essences (Living Tree Orchids)

* Bach flower essences
* Rebalancing of aura / chakras / subtle bodies
* Holistic dowsing



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