orchid essences

Living Tree Orchids orchid essences give a new dimension to flower essence therapy with their unique property of coordinating us to higher vibrations of our consciousness. Orchids, as a kind of flower, have by their nature special properties to coordinate us with our “divine plan” and to help us in our spiritual development. Like humans and animals, flowers have their own levels of consciousness. Just as we perceive the “light” of monks and saints, as we perceive the special “intelligence” of dolphins, so do we perceive the “light” of orchids. All beings are blessed in this creation, and regardless of spiritual evolution, each being offers its role in this world. All flowers are beautiful and blessed with healing properties on a natural and etheric level. All flowers have a “reason” for existence. Thus, orchids have their “power” and the essences produced by them have extremely beautiful effects on the harmonization of body, soul and spirit.

A hallmark of orchid essences in general is their ability to act on the chakras (energy centers) and meridians that exist in our body. This is combined with their action on the body to create very strong shifts in our energy sectors, often with a very direct effect. They strengthen the consciousness of the person who takes them, and bring him in contact with his inner light. They raise the vibrations of the person. They also have very good results in pain in the physical body where they are used (better in spray form).

Orchid essences were created in early 1998 at the first headquarters of the Living Tree Orchids in West Sussex. Now their “home” has been moved to the Scottish island of Gigha, where they are created, packaged and distributed in many countries. The remedies are made from rare species of orchids that are kept in the specially designed greenhouse. No orchid is cut to make the essence, as is customary in traditional flower therapy.

Made mainly by Don Dennis and Heather Decam, with Natalie Shaw and Dominic Jones also participating, almost all of the remedies were made by a group of men and women. Peter Tadd and Heather DeCam provided the largest share of information on any substance, along with feedback over the years from friends and therapists from around the world.

A new greenhouse in Achamore Gardens is now the home of orchids that Don Dennis lovingly coordinates the creation of the essences.