Maria Leoni

Maria Leoni

Maria Leoni Georgopoulou was born in Athens in 1967. She is a naturopath,  holistic  therapist and teacher of holistic therapies and Reiki . She has studied, in Greece and abroad, many different therapeutic methods and she has a long and rich experience in psychoenergetic diagnosis, which enables her to assess very quickly each person’s needs and the proper therapy to use in each case.

In the last few years, she has also studied Life Coaching.

In her workshops and personal sessions, she helps people change their way of thinking for better health, for abundance, love and acceptance. She believes in and practices positive thinking, positive intentions and positive visualization.

More specifically, she has been trained in: naturopathy, holistic nutrition, flower essence therapy, aromatherapy, yoga and meditation, Life coaching, ten types of massage (lymphatic massage, shiatsu, Indian head massage, Thai massage, slimming massage, Swedish holistic massage, psychoenergetic massage, Ayurvedic massage, bioenergetic face and body massage, aromatherapy
massage), spiritual therapy, channeling, Reiki, Ayurvedic nutrition, Chinese Meridian Therapy.

The aim of her work is the reconnection with our own autotherapeutic powers inside, the strengthening of self confidence and the cultivation of a positive outlook on life, for the attainment of joy, love, prosperity, and the balance of body, soul and spirit.

In 2013 she founded the educational, cultural and humanitarian non-profit organization “Omorfos Kosmos” (meaning “Beautiful World”, In Omorfos Kosmos she has created e-learning courses of aromatherapy, flower essence thereapy and holistic nutrition, the profits of which are used to support the organization and for its humanitarian aid to indigent – mostly single-parent – families.

In 2015 she became president of the Social Cooperative Enterprise “Anthea”.
Within Anthea, she is going to create a series of charity products. She also imports orchid flower essences (Living Tree Orchids) from Scotland, as well as products for the protection from geopathic stress and radiation from Australia.

In 2018  has become board member of ANME (Association of Natural Medicine in Europe) so to promote the rights of CAM therapists in Greece and in Europe

In addition to the live sessions, workshops etc. at “Omorfos Kosmos”, she also provides therapeutic sessions through telephone and Skype to people from all over Greece and abroad (English language available).

Available services include the following or a combination thereof: massage, exercise, nutrition, flower essences, nutritional supplements, herbal therapy, mind transformation, trauma healing etc.